Meet the Freshie: Jenn Lejano

  • - November 24, 2021

Hello, friends! We’re back with another “Meet the Freshies” profile — and this one’s a pretty familiar face to most of you! Read on to learn more about Jenn Lejano, Fresh Eyes’ intrepid principal and co-founder. And if you missed our other team member profiles, you can check them out here and here

How long have you worked at Fresh Eyes Digital? What’s your role here?

I’m the principal and co-founder and Rachel and I started Fresh Eyes in 2016 — when I was 7 months pregnant. 👀

What are your top three favorite vacation spots and why? 

Northern Michigan AND Southwest Michigan. I’m from Michigan and grew up going to our family cabin in northern Michigan. Trails, forest, lakes, lazy pontoon trips and beach time. It’s perfect. Now, my family takes a few trips up there a year and have a beach week in Saugatuck, Michigan to celebrate my mom’s birthday.

Paris. I thought Paris was overrated … until I visited. Stunning, and still one of my favorite cities.

And finally, ANY PLACE THAT I CAN GO ONCE MY KID IS VACCINATED will be a favorite vacation spot.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A shoemaker (according to my mother). And a marine biologist for a hot minute my freshman year of college.

Who is your celebrity crush?

There are very few queer celebrities for me to crush out on, other than Rachel Maddow. So for now, it’s Adam Driver. I firmly fall in the “He’s Hot” and not “Ew” category with him.

Are you a dog person, a cat person, or neither? 

Doggos! I had cats, and I loved them. But I will not have cats again. I’m firmly Team Dog and have a 1.5-year-old rescue named Maple!

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