Quiz: Is your nonprofit ready for a rapid response moment?

With our democracy in jeopardy, far-right extremists rolling back our rights, international wars and political destabilization, climate-change-driven natural disasters on the rise and more, these days can feel like one neverending doomscroll. 

As fundraisers, it can be challenging to navigate the doom and gloom *in addition to* securing the funds necessary to strengthen our causes and create change. But when the news — whether scary or joyful — is related to your cause or affects the communities you serve, engaging in rapid response is a powerful way to engage your file. 

Unfortunately we’ve seen, time and again, organizations become hamstrung by internal roadblocks and other challenges when a rapid response opportunity arises. We get it: these big rapid moments can feel pretty overwhelming – which is why we put together a quiz to help you figure out whether your nonprofit is ready to leverage rapid response opportunities. 

Ready to dig in?

Rapid response moments are an important opportunity for your organization to speak clearly to an event affecting the world, the people you serve, the issues you are advocating for, or perhaps all of the above. More importantly, they can be a real catalyst for donors to invest in and engage with your work. 

Strategizing about your approach and designing a plan ahead of time will make any big moment feel like less of a big question mark and make certain your supporters are front and center in any response. 

Any other questions? Drop us a line – we’d be happy to take a look at your existing strategy and help you chart a path to rapid response fundraising success! 

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