Vote for our 2022 Nonprofit Technology Conference sessions!

It’s that time of year again! The earliest voting we ever do — voting for sessions for the 2022 Nonprofit Technology Conference! This year, Fresh Eyes Digital and our clients have submitted five whiz-bang ideas for your consideration. Check out our proposed sessions below and if you are so inspired “favorite” them by clicking, logging in and casting your vote.

We think we’ve got some pretty great stuff to share — and we can’t wait to connect with our nonprofit tech nerd community once again next March. Thanks for the love!

  • First up is a panel we proposed with our client Free Press. In this session, Building an SMS Marketing Program to Re-Engage Your Supporters, we’ll share unique SMS and multichannel strategies to inspire your supporters into action.
  • This one’s for you data nerds out there! Beyond Positive: Smart ROI Tracking to Fuel Sustainable Growth will show you how one fast growing non-profit spotted trends in first-gift conversion timing, successful calls to action, and engagement over time, utilizing creative ROI and ROAS tracking to find the story.
  • Many nonprofits still lack a comprehensive foundation on the fundamentals of an effective and successful direct response program. In our session, Direct Response 101: How to Laser-Focus on Growth and Conversion, we will show how a strategic, data-driven direct response program offers a stronger return on investment.
  • It’s always about the numbers! In this session, 101 Visualizations: Spotting Trends Like a Pro, learn how data visualizations take those insights one step further by contextualizing that information to help you identify trends over time and understand which digital metrics are most effective to communicate insights about your program’s performance.
  • Finally, in our session, 5 Simple Tactics to Survive a Fundraising Dry Spell, we’ll cover how the Trump bump has become the Trump slump for many non-profits. These slower cycles can offer fundraisers a window of opportunity to utilize tactics to spark engagement and bring in passive income. Learn how to leverage quieter moments at your nonprofit to keep your fundraising program running with engagement and fundraising tactics that will keep the money flowing.

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